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Our local engagement

Shara Eventi d’Arte is a cultural association based in Nettuno (RM). The Association operates in the territory, with the aim of promoting and organizing quality cultural and artistic events, open to the community, in order to broaden the knowledge and the diffusion of the Art in its multiple expressions: music, show, dance, theater, visual and graphic arts, websites linked to artistic purposes, etc.See & Browse

Founding members

It was founded by musicians, artists and industry enthusiasts. It aims to promote the knowledge, practice and dissemination of musical and artistic activities, the organization of events, the promotion of relevant activities.See & Browse


The Association organizes cultural initiatives of a local nature with the prospect of exporting them at national and international level.See & Browse

Cultural initiatives are financed by:

  • Membership fees
  • Income for cultural events
  • Contributions of the departments to the cultural activities of the municipalities
  • Legacies and Donations
  • Presence of supporting Members


  • Since 2017, the musician Maria Augusta Pannunzi (flute and piccolo) has been named President of the SHARA EVENTI D’ ARTE Association. she has also worked in the music and entertainment industry of events organizer and artistic director, for over twenty years.
  • From 2014, Pannunzi is known to be artistic director of famous cultural exhibition of events BALCONE IN MUSICA e SPETTACOLO of Neptune (RM), sponsored by REGIONE LAZIO.